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Safety is an illusion

The other day I heard someone say that if we don’t come out of this “Coronavirus” situation with clearer, stronger convictions, then we aren’t paying attention. I’m inclined to agree. So I decided to put pen to paper. Here are my convictions...

That most people do not have a freaking clue as to how their immune systems actually work. Our education, media and medical systems have 100% failed us. Immune systems get strong through exposure to microbes, not through avoiding them. Quarantine sick people; ask the immune compromised to stay at home; but healthy people need to be out living their lives - hugging each other.

That people are not contaminated vectors for “Covid-19” or many other alleged contagious diseases. As Dr Dan Erickson of Accelerated Urgent Care stated in an interview, “Do you know what an asymptomatic carrier is? A healthy person.” In addition, historically speaking, a number of supposed contagious disease outbreaks had environmental causes that never got a seat at the proverbial table. I mean, does anyone realize that you can get sick alone in your house without ever coming into contact with another human being? Yes, you can literally make yourself sick – no human contact necessary.

That most people choose their addictions over health. I used to have this vision that the alcoholic or intravenous drug user living on the streets was an addict. Not so. You can be a functional addict, and your overall health will greatly suffer. For instance, if people knew how their immune system works, then I wouldn’t be hearing about “Corona Cocktail Hour” and watching neighbors drink wine on their trashcans in a culdesac on television. The news was celebrating this so-called ingenuity for having fun while social distancing.

Alcohol is toxic – the liver prioritizes getting rid of it over everything else. If there is indeed a “deadly virus” among us, or even more likely an unexamined environmental threat, let’s put the wine and beer up for another time. And don’t even get me started on people eating candy under their masks or the people creating oxidative stress in their brains with their wireless ear buds. Your mask won’t save you from ignorance and lack of discipline. Sugar and radiofrequency radiation, like alcohol, weaken immunity.

That our culture is really skilled at creating scapegoats. Taking personal responsibility is hard work and corporations lose profit. It’s much more convenient to blame a “virus,” i.e. something bad and dangerous outside of us, instead of examining the effects of the toxic soup we are living in…that we fucking co-created.

That masks, gloves, social isolation, hand sanitizers, disinfectancts and vaccines are NOT the answers for what ails us. We have fundamentally lost the fucking plot: bacteria and microbes don’t need us, we need them. WE are living in THEIR home, not the other way around. They were fucking here FIRST. If we could ever stop fighting Mother Nature, thinking that we can do better than she can, then we might actually heal our bodies and the earth. But in the meantime, we seem to be committed to trading acute childhood infections for a lifetime of chronic, inflammatory disease. In our efforts to avoid getting sick, we invite cancer and autoimmunity via our indiscriminate use of chemicals and vaccines. Start taking milk thistle for liver health since we will be bathed in disinfectants when we leave our homes! Fun times.

That we are NOT all in this together. I don’t have the bandwidth for this kumbaya bullshit. As my 79-year-old mom, who hasn’t left the house in two months, said the other day, “We are NOT all in this together. Everyone is alone in their house.” Not to mention that everyone is facing different struggles. I think that Anand Giridharadas says it best in his book Winners Take All, “the claim that everyone is in it together is an eraser of the inconvenient realities of others” (p50).

That most people are smart and good but have been seriously misdirected by a media and a government corrupted by Big Pharma. Over and over again, people give trust to authorities who don’t deserve it.

Want diabetes? Eat according to the Food Guide Pyramid, or plate or whatever they call that useless piece of shit dietary guideline, that does nothing more than support the dairy, grai