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What I'm grateful for

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program titled “We’re so Fucked: The Tragic Story of EMFs and Human Health” to bring you something light and fluffy titled “What I’m grateful for…”

First thing I’m grateful for: bitter herbs.

Unlike the president of the United States, I’m not gonna lie. My digestion has been absolutely insane. One minute I’m bloated. The next minute I hear that gurgling sound in my belly and have to run to the restroom to poop, except it sounds like I’m peeing. Then the burning in my stomachs set in. My pants are too tight. I skip a few meals because nothing sounds good, but I’ll be damned if I’m sick - I feel fine, except for all this nonsense in my abdomen. This goes on for days. Ugh.

It’s not like I don’t have tools to deal with this kind of thing but nothing’s working! So last night, I’m soaking in the bath tub patting my puffy stomach saying, “How can I shift this situation?”

Two herbs immediately pop into my head: wormwood and globe artichoke.

OK! That sounds like a plan. These are my most favorite bitter herbs and when you put them together in sparkling water, it’s almost like a beer. Almost.

So I get out of the tub. Take a few sips of a cold Topo Chico and then add ¼ metric teaspoon of wormwood with ½ metric teaspoon globe artichoke (both MediHerb liquid extracts), and pop pop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is.

Everything settled in my digestive tract – just like that. The tide of my digestion was turning, and I went to bed with hope.

I woke up this morning with a semi-solid bowel movement and peace in my belly. I just ate a glorious dinner of salmon, cauliflower mashers, and spinach and I couldn’t be more content. I love that warm, fuzzy feeling of a meal that settles well.

It feels so good. Thank you, wormwood and globe artichoke. I am so happy to know each of you.

If you’re not aware of all the glorious benefits of bitter herbs and don’t have some in your natural medicine cabinet, then we need to talk or you can find a rundown about bitters in my book. Either way, the world needs to know what is possible with herbal medicine. These plants and how they interact with our bodies are glorious, and I am in a perpetual state of gratitude for my green friends.

Second thing I’m grateful for: a new recipe for a low-carb, high-fat berry crisp cooked in my crockpot.

I know. It’s October. Everything’s starting to taste like fucking pumpkin and cinnamon and berries aren’t s