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5 New Things I Love

Maybe you'll find something you love, too!

#1 Iced Dandyblend Latte

Every night after dinner, my husband and I go through the same ritual. We finish eating and one of us asks, “Should I heat some water for a Dandyblend?” The answer is always YES! And we laugh, wondering why we even have this conversation.

Well, the other night after a hot summer day, I broke our routine: instead of heating water, I made an iced Dandyblend latte. Here’s what you need:

1 pint glass jar

1 heaping Tablespoon Dandyblend

½ pint water

1 teaspoon Madagascar vanilla bean paste from Savory Spice


Nut milk creamer*

Grab your glass jar. Put the Dandyblend in. Fill it halfway with room temperature water. Add vanilla. Stir. Fill it with ice, leaving a generous amount of room for the creamer which you shall now pour. After you admire the swirls of cream, stir again. Sit back and savor the moment.

For those of you not familiar with Dandyblend, this is sold as an herbal coffee substitute. Now, does anything besides coffee taste like coffee? NO! But you can come close with a dark, brown, bitter combination of herbs. Dandyblend uses water soluble extracts of roasted barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root, and beetroot (yes, it is gluten free). And while I enjoy both the energy boost and calming effect of Reishi Roastand Rasa Koffee, those require more preparation in terms of using a French Press or decocting (plus, I drink one of those in the morning so I need something different at night – ha). Dandyblend immediately dissolves into water and while you won’t get any mood altering effects or stress support like you do with the previously mentioned mushroom beverages, your liver and digestion loves the dark, bitter beverage that Dandyblend offers.

*A note about the nut milk creamer: now, that my sensitivity to coconut has returned, I’ve replaced it with macadamia nuts. It’s an expensive shift in my creamer, but damn, it’s good! Obviously, you can buy a nut milk creamer at the store, I just haven’t found one worth the container it comes in. And if you can consume dairy, then just use regular cream (try to find raw cream directly from the farmer, if you can.)

#2 The Great Hack

Ok, so now you have a wonderful beverage to make while you watch this new documentary on Netflix: The Great Hack. I’m not gonna tell you what it’s about; Netflix can do that. What I’m going to say is this: everything that we create in this world exists because we allow it. Money and attention make the world go fucking round and round. Therefore, where you spend your money and your time illustrates what you support.