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Going Backward to Move Forward

From convenience foods because you need to work more and spend less time eating BACK to traditional foods that require preparation because nourishing your body is a priority.

From margarine BACK to motherfucking butter.

From vegetable oils BACK to lard.

From having a baby in a hospital BACK to birthing at home with a midwife.

From pumping breastmilk BACK to literally breastfeeding.

From fever suppression with anti-inflammatory drugs BACK to respecting the wisdom of the body and managing fever with herbs and hydrotherapy.

From vaccines against benign childhood infections BACK to letting our kids get sick and rest because we know that this creates robust immune systems.

From pharmaceutical drugs and unnecessary surgery BACK to real food, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes to support vitality.

From conventional farming with chemicals, monocropping, and genetic modification BACK to biodynamic farming with a diversity of plants and animals.

From using screens to educate our children BACK to good ole fashioned books…with pages…of paper.

From wireless technology BACK to hard-wired technology.

From a smart phone BACK to a flip phone.

And maybe from a flip phone BACK to a home phone.

Yes, sometimes going backwards moves you forward.

When it comes to our health and the health of the planet (which cannot be separated), these are a number of ways that we must un-fuck ourselves. I mean, really, when you stop and think about anything that requires action. You have three options: to do, not to do, and to undo.