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Video: Homemade Gummy Bears!

Halloween marks the beginning of a season where sugar treats are everywhere. It is virtually unavoidable. And if you're a parent who cares deeply about feeding your child a nourishing diet, but doesn't want to feel like you're taking all the fun out of food, it can feel like a lose - lose situation.

I mean who wants to say no when your kid wants to eat the head off a cute little bear made of sugar?

A family member gave my son, Drake, the Annie's brand of gummy bears, which are a better version than the rubbery original version, but are still extremely sweet. For Drake, it was love at first bite.

While I was not thrilled about the introduction of this food into his diet, this opened up a really fun opportunity for us to make our own, healthier, version. So I gathered a few supplies and invited him into the kitchen to experiment with me.

Success! We discovered that as much as we loved making these as a project together, we also came up with a winning recipe.

Click HERE to see my short how-to video on making your own gummy bears at home!

While you'll see in the video that this is a very simple are a few tips about supplies and ingredients....

1) You can order the molds for the gummy bears on amazon.

2) I like to use beef gelatin from Vital Proteins, but there are certainly other good quality brands out there.

3) I like adding Dr. Cowan's vegetable powder to my bears so I can sneak a little more plant material into my son, it is not necessary for the recipe to work. But if you're can buy it here.

4) Using fresh squeezed OJ is best, but you can still buy it from the store. Of course, if this isn't available, just get the best quality juice you can.

Of course this is just one way to make gummy bears at home. Experiment with recipes of your own and let us know what works in the comments section below!