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Turmeric: Sunshine for Your Soul

When we look at the history of herbal medicine, we see a set of healing tools passed down from generation to generation, through observations and stories. Now, in our modern world, we elevate science above all other ways of knowing and the double-blind, placebo controlled studies have become our holy grail. People say, “Prove it to me. Show me the study that that herb does that.” The truth is that ALL of these perspectives matter.

As one of my mentors Paul Bergner said at a recent lecture I attended, “Show me the science of delight!”

Well, I can’t, but I can tell you about a delightful experience I had this week with Curcuma longa - what you may know as turmeric.

For the last few months, the inflammation in my body has been increasing. Inflammation is going to mean different things to different folks, so let me tell you what it means in my body:

~I have been waking up feeling heavy in my limbs with swollen eyes. Far from ready to start my day.

~Global puffiness in my body. Just the sense that I’m holding onto water (water puts out fire, you know).

~Unusual abdominal bloating, along with a heavy, anxious feeling in my chest.

~Dark thoughts and a loss of motivation. Life became effortful.

~Mental fog.

~Feeling like everything is an emergency, unable to prioritize tasks.

~Weepy, with feelings of overwhelm.

~Lots of sneezing and mucus.

~Cravings for stimulants, like coffee.

~Just an overall feeling of sludging along. Surviving each day, but not really enjoying it.