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Let Your Light Shine with Cigarettes, Alcohol and Sugar

Moving toward healthier habits doesn't have to happen over night.

Cigarettes, alcohol and sugar have something in common: they all make us feel more alive. I knew that I was deep into my healing process when I started to develop compassion for my so-called bad habits. I actually started to thank sugar for the role it played in my life!

The truth is, we don’t engage in any activity that doesn’t benefit us in some way, so please, please, please, ease up on your self.

Wellness doesn’t always look like yoga with green drinks and giggles.

Sometimes it looks like working in the trenches, just trying to survive…with blood, sweat, and tears.

Make a decision right now to stop comparing your journey to someone else’s. We are all fighting invisible battles with advantages and disadvantages on all sides.

And we give up our vices when we are good and ready. So if you are going to continue to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and eat sugar, I am going to show you how you can help protect yourself.

You can think of what I am about to teach you as things that you can add to your life that will make your light shine brighter, effectively pushing out the dark riders. This is distinct from pulling the rug out from under your self with nothing to stand on.

I wish I had known about these things 14 years ago when I gave up sugar. I gave up my drug of choice when I was sick with an acute mononucleosis infection. My vitality was at an all-time low, and I eliminated the very thing that was giving me life. I ended up with panic attacks and unimaginable fatigue. I couldn’t hold down a job. Everything was a big fat mess.

Yes, there are other ways to do this! That said, my journey took me where I needed to go and so will yours. I can only hope that these tips will help!

The number one herb I turn to for this type of support is Cynara scolymus, commonly known as globe artichoke. Many people are familiar with the food called artichoke, which is part of the plant called the bract that we dip into butter, lemon, and garlic sauce (yum!). What I am specifically referring to here are the leaves of globe artichoke. That is the medicine…

Very bitter medicine. It kind of reminds me of burnt popcorn that, well, just came out of the ground.

While that may sound unappealing, it’s a very good thing. The bi