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Don't Hate Me Because I Eat Meat!

We all have to eat. Food unites us. And for those of us committed to wellness, I commend everyone’s path. We are all trying to figure it out. Our nutritional needs change over time and so do our thoughts about food and what is good for us. The path of wellness takes you somewhere…

Sometimes the path takes you to a vegetarian diet and then you realize you need meat.

Sometimes the path takes you to animal protein and you realize that want to eat vegetables.

It’s all very exciting and hopeful UNTIL people lash out against one another.

I’m new to the virtual realm and social media. Instead of resisting this technology, I have come to see the World Wide Web as an analogy for the web of life. The web represents our interconnectedness and facilitates our ability to find like-minded people.

But in that desire to connect with people, let’s not shame each other for what we choose to eat when health and wellness is the intention. On multiple occasions on Instagram, I have received some variations of the following hostile comments:

“You call THAT conscious living.”

“There’s no peace on that plate.”

“You eat bacon in peace? Unfollow. Good bye.”

Come on. Really?!

If you don’t like what someone is up to, that’s fine, unfollow them, but don’t be rude about it.

Judging people for the food they eat is not going to change the world. It will only continue to perpetuate violence.

If a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is a reflection of love and compassion for living things, people who eat animal protein are living things too, and deserve respect for their choices.

I believe that these generalities are literally killing us, and that addressing our relationship to food is one way we can begin to heal. There is no good or bad diet, just like there is no good or bad race, religion, or political parties. The minute we think that one way of doin