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Operation Hydration: Dancing with Wellness

How to stay hydrated with herbal tea

So here I am, an expert on all things wellness and 100% devoted to practicing what I teach, and yet, I realized yesterday in a self-care appointment, that I am not and have not been drinking enough fluids for, well...years!

I – the queen of self-care, health, wellness, and vitality – have been suffering from chronic dehydration.


I am being transparent with you because there are experts in the field of holistic medicine who act like they have everything figured out. The message underlying all the images of “skinny is healthy” and “drink green smoothies” and “meditate” and “go to yoga class” is:

“Look at me. I am so perfect. And I have this all figured out. And you need me as a guiding light because this is the way to wellness.”

Sometimes the wellness industry feels like a cult. “Follow me or die.”

Don’t fall for the hype being presented to you. It is an image, and we all need to question what’s behind what we are shown.

Doing yoga and meditating and ingesting green things are wonderful tools that may contribute to your health, but we have to remember there is no silver bullet that guarantees we will live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Healthy is not a single-pointed destination. It’s a continual dance, an ebb and flow of living and listening and refining how we move, how we eat and how we relate.

I think that we are all in the process of taking steps forward and backward and sideways and backwards again and forward again.

And sometimes we go in circles!

A perceived expert can know a lot…but actually living it? That’s another, much more exciting story.

You may know a lot about living in a model of wellness, but then life happens. In my case, I had a child, and that has put me in an even bigger game. I am learning how to play this new game, and in this case, I forget to drink enough water. I let that slip, and I’m an “expert.”