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November 13, 2019

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May 31, 2016


We were made to breathe the air that surrounds us, feeds us, and fills us. Some call it God.”- Richard Rohr, Breathing Underwater: Spirituality & The Twelve Steps


My most vivid childhood memory was laying on our couch in the living room watching cartoons with my mom...

March 29, 2016


“For every hour spent with technology, one needs to spend an hour outside in nature.” -Richard Louv


Healing is never just about one thing. The progression of chronic disease involves numerous factors and so does healing from it.


I teach wellness because I want to give...

March 17, 2016

Many of our food and drink choices are so deeply engrained into our culture that we don’t ever question them. Unfortunately our “norm” is what’s killing us and making our children sick.


I was blown away about a year and a half ago when we went out to eat and had the fo...

March 15, 2016

Let’s talk about a female organ that needs some attention - the uterus. Hey MEN…don’t go tip-toeing off anywhere – you are included in this conversation and need this information too. It amazes me how little is understood about the uterus; its sacred power, its connect...

February 19, 2016


“We humans have always been and always will be interested in two vital things: food and reproduction. In this country food and reproduction seem to be quite similar in two respects – the quantity is too high and the quality too low.” –Dr Blake Donaldson from Strong Me...

February 16, 2016

Aside from being ultra-tasty, chia seeds are one whole food supplement that we all should be waking up to! Incredibly high in omega fatty acids, and an excellent source of calcium, we can count on the benefits of chia seeds to boost our vitality.


Here's a fun...

February 4, 2016

Butter is the epitome of flavor. Just like bacon, butter makes everything better. While I say enjoy it if you can, my vote is to leave that lactose-free milk on the shelf!


This might seem like a paradox for some of you who are staunchly against dairy of any kind. And I...

February 2, 2016



“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

–Leo Tolstoy


Do you struggle with change? My struggle with change comes and goes. Sometimes I can roll with it. Other times, I feel like I’m losing my mind. On the days I feel resistance t...

January 29, 2016


Have you ever wondered how nutritious your store-bought nut milk might be? You read the nutrition information on the back of the carton, and think…hey, this isn’t so bad. At least it isn’t dairy, plus it’s low in sugar and has a little protein. Right?




Aside from...

January 24, 2016



This dairy-free Orange Dreamsicle Cashew "Cheesecake" is so dreamy it's hard to keep young Drake away from the it long enough to serve. The rich, creamy filling is full of flavor and easy to make.


For the crust:
Combine all ingredients in food processor until bl...

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