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Hi! I'm Charlotte


My most vivid childhood memory was lying on the couch watching cartoons with my mom leaning over me, asking, “Are the people singing in your chest?” Doctors diagnosed me with asthma when I was three-years-old, but it took me thirty years to realize that I never had asthma.


Up until my late twenties, I was a sugar and exercise addict. My dad was Vice President of Imperial Sugar in Sugar Land, Texas. Sugar was a huge part of my life. Sugar made me happy, and I wanted to spread this happiness out into the world by opening a bakery.  

Unfortunately...sugar didn't love me back. I lived on an emotional rollercoaster, always looking for my next hit of refined carbohydrates. I was malnourished, and completely missed the signals my body was sending me, begging me for change. I swam competitively and competed in triathlons just to feel alive. From the outside I looked fit, but my health was quickly deteriorating.


My wake up call came when I landed in the hospital when I was 26. This was startling because people actually thought I was healthy, and I thought I was healthy. As I laid in the hospital with an IV, I kept thinking, “How did I get HERE?! I was just trying to be the best Charlotte I could be.”


I instantly realized that I had to change what I was eating and how I was living. Doctors didn’t have drugs for what ailed me. I was on my own. My vitality had collapsed. I was depressed and life was hard. I kept looking for answers and discovered that I had severe inflammatory responses to many of my staple foods, which included lifestyle habits.


As I peeled back the layers of my concerns, I realized that I never had asthma. I had a dairy allergy. It was both liberating and maddening at the same time. I used my anger as a platform to create positive change in the world.


In April 2008, I graduated from the Maryland Institute for Integrative Health (formerly known as the Tai Sophia Institute) with a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine, a rigorous, 3-year clinical program designed to build a bridge between the practice of traditional and conventional medicine. I am Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. I am also a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner which means that we can do deep investigative work together regarding your health using saliva, urine, stool and blood tests. 


In early 2018, I published my first book to share what I have learned over the years, so that others can quickly adapt my hard won knowledge and discover a path to vitality.


Through classes and seminars, I educate health professionals about good nutrition and herbal medicine, exponentially extending an integrated healing experience to their patients.


And now…as a professional speaker, I get to help people wake up, reclaim their power around wellness and rethink what healthy looks like. 


I used to use my Albuterol inhaler hourly to breathe. I don’t ever want to forget where I came from and how important it is for people to know the truth: what we eat creates us.


The singing in my chest may be gone, but I can finally hear the music.  Through eating whole foods, I was able to completely re-create my life, and I’m here to tell you…I’m not unique; this kind of transformation is available to anyone! 


Eat in peace, my friends!





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