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Are you really ready to experience your ultimate health?


Together we will evaluate your current self-care rituals, daily habits and beliefs holding you back from feeling your best.


I will teach you how to build a nurturing relationship with your body and have fun doing it.

Work with me here, you can do this

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 I offer a limited number of one-on-one consultations in four session groupings. I'll help you evaluate your overall wellbeing, define attainable goals and help you choose the supplements and support to get you there. 

Charlotte at a speaking event

I love teaching and am thrilled to be available for speaking engagements on wellness-related topics involving nutrition, herbal medicine, and healthy lifestyle choices. If you have a specific topic in mind, please contact me, and we can work out the details. 

Speaking & Workshops
Work with Me

You're not the first to ask....

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Healing starts with food, but it shouldn't end there.

Eating well takes you somewhere. Somewhere good! I strive to give you new ways of seeing your body and the world. THIS is where real food, herbal medicine, nature and conscious living come together to create VITALITY!

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Get inspired,  get informed

Watch all episodes where I answer health questions, and demonstrate my favorite recipes. 

Magic Herbal Salve

It's food for your skin.

One salve to heal dozens of skin issues

Apothecary in a Jar

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